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Nobody can doubt the positive effects of a proper skincare routine. But being regular with skincare is not enough. To best reap the benefits of skincare, you must understand the correct order to apply skincare products.

Dermatologists have established certain principles behind the order, such as lightest to heaviest, which essentially means the lightest products need to be applied first. And water-based before oil-based.

Let’s now look at some common skincare products and the order in which to apply them:


Good skin care begins with clean, cleansed skin. A clean surface helps skincare products penetrate better and ultimately work more effectively. Cleansing is even more important for a nighttime skincare routine as your face accumulates dirt, dust, oil and bacteria from your daytime activities.

Plus, it is essential that your face is cleared of all makeup products. Use a gel cleanser if you have oily or acne-prone and combination skin. Foam and clay cleansers are also great for oily skin. Use a cream cleanser if you have dry or sensitive skin.


The purpose of a toner is to pick up any dirt and bacteria missed during cleansing. Toner also helps to exfoliate your skin to prepare it for the creams and serums that follow. If you have extremely dry skin, you can choose to skip this step, although there are toners specially formulated for dry skin.

These toners have a cream base and no alcohol. For oily skin, use toners that contain oil-free ingredients. People with oily skin should also look for toners with salicylic acid and witch hazel.

Eye cream

Depending on your age and the elasticity of your skin, it’s best to add an eye cream to both your morning and nighttime skincare routine. When searching for a perfect eye cream, look for ingredients like peptides that help tighten delicate under-eye skin and reduce puffiness. Another effective ingredient in vogue is caffeine which helps to brighten the under-eye area and reduce eye bags.

Eye creams also have a lighter consistency than moisturizers and facial oils, so they need to be applied first. The thicker moisturizers and oils will not allow the eye cream to penetrate if they are applied last.

Treatment Serum

Serums are concentrated liquids that contain essential skincare nutrients and antioxidants. Vitamin C serum has become the most buzzed-about skin care product, and with good reason. Vitamin C helps to reduce sun damage, reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten scars and dark spots.

Another great advantage of using serums is that they help to thoroughly hydrate and moisturize your skin for anti-ageing products, which can sometimes be drying. Serums need to be applied before moisturizers as they have a lighter consistency that will not penetrate the skin through the thicker formulations of moisturizers.


Moisturizers help to seal in hydration and act as a final protective layer for your skin. For nighttime skincare, moisturizer will be the last step before face oil. However, applying sunscreen post moisturizer is a must for any morning skincare ritual.

You can also use moisturizers that serve the dual purpose of providing SPF protection and hydration. Couple this step with applying a spot treatment. But take care to only apply spot treatment for acne or rash after applying moisturizer. If you apply spot treatment earlier, you risk rubbing area-specific treatment all over the face where it’s not needed.

Face oil

Depending on the kind of face oil and treatment, you may apply face oil before or after moisturizer. Keep in mind that face oil is occlusive and doesn’t allow for anything to penetrate through. So, ideally, they should be the last step in the night and second to last before sunscreen in the morning. With oils, little goes a long way, so be judicious.

You must remember that treating your skin needs to be a daily activity as results take time. And aside from the steps above, a good skincare routine should include regular facials, spas and dermatologist-supervised treatments. One such treatment is our HydraFacial in South Surrey that provides all the benefits of daily skincare products in less than an hour.

A HydraFacial is a skin treatment provided by medical spas and dermatology offices like White Rock spa. This non-invasive procedure is a great alternative to microdermabrasion and chemical peels which may not suit all skin types.


Our GLOW Bright facials help remove dirt and oil from your pores by using gentle suction technology. HydraFacial Morgan Creek is less aggressive than chemical peels and microdermabrasion with the bonus of zero downtime and minimal side effects. You can find these facials at our White Rock spa location.

The multi-step HydraFacial White Rock takes care of various skin concerns like ageing, dry skin, acne, scars, fine lines and more by pumping the skin with targeted serums. Our treatments have an overall impact on skin texture and appearance with monthly use with visible results after just one session.​