Dermaplaning Surrey

Many people are tempted to try Surrey microneedling with Derma Rollers at home, as part of their skincare routine. However, let’s make one thing clear; in-home microneedling does not yield as efficient results as professional microneedling.

Dermaplane Surrey
Microneedling Surrey

Many times people who try microneedling at home end up with adverse effects and damage to their skin. For this reason, experts at White Rock Spa suggest that people trying microneedling at home should restrict themselves to the needle length of 0.25mm. For anything above that, you should seek professional services to make sure you do not harm your skin.

Dermaplane Surrey
Dermaplane Surrey

The purpose of in-home microneedling with a derma roller is to enhance the absorption of the serums in your skincare. The tiny needles in the derma roller create micro-holes in the skin layer, making it more receptive to skin-care products.

dermaplane surrey
dermaplaning surrey

Its major benefits include:

  • Skin Brightening
  • Pore Reduction
  • Better Hydration
  • Better absorption of topical products
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
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However, for more serious concerns like hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scarring, preventing fine lines and wrinkles and stretch marks, professional microneedling South Surrey is recommended. It is difficult to target these concerns at home with one length derma roller. In-office microneedling stimulates natural collagen production by kick-starting your body’s innate healing process. With more collagen and elastin production, you experience firm, smooth and even-looking skin in a few weeks.

hydrafacial white rock
hydrafacial white rock

Skin enthusiasts believe that it’s better to apply your serums after microneedling, if you are doing it at home. This not only ensures optimum absorption of the topical products but makes sure that none of the products gets stuck in the tiny needles and it’s easier to clean.

hydrafacial white rock
Hydrafacial White Rock

When cleaning the derma roller, make sure you use lukewarm water to rinse it thoroughly. When it drys, spray it with Isopropyl Alcohol Derma Roller Sanitiser before carefully placing it back in the box. If you are ensuring proper disinfection of the derma rollers, you can reuse them 3-5 times before disposing of. In professional Microneedling at Downtown Vancouver, healthcare professionals are required to dispose of longer needles (more than 0.5mm) after each session for sanitary reasons.

Dermaplaning Surrey
Surrey Dermaplane

At-home microneedling is less efficacious as compared to in-office microneedling at White Rock Spa, where experienced dermatologists customize your microneedling session according to your skin concerns. If you have active acne and zits on your face and you accidentally pop them while dermarolling at home, you put your skin at a higher risk of harm. The bacteria from your acne pimples can spread to your entire face with derma rolling. This is potentially dangerous for your skin.

In most cases, it is recommended to seek professional microneedling Surrey Services for aggravated skin concerns, where experts can make sure you reap maximum benefits without facing any side effects. For micro-needling at home, it is absolutely fine as long as you do not cross the needle length of 0.25 mm, provided you do not have major scarring and active acne on your face.

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