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All of us have seen ads on tv, Instagram, and other social media of eye creams and how amazing the results are. But do they really work? It can be confusing walking into a store and seeing a $200 eye cream claiming its life changing, or maybe you see a product with 5-star reviews and think, “this could definitely be the one!”

Our Surrey spa is here to tell you the truth about eye creams, what will work and won’t, how to save your money, and what you should be doing if you suffer from dry under eyes, fine lines, or dark circles.

First off, if you see a product that claims it is an “anti-aging” eye cream, I wouldn’t fall for it. Almost every eye cream on the market is a moisturizer and that’s it. Eye cream is just in a smaller tube and described differently, it may have a few different ingredients but unless it doesn’t have a retinoid in it, it is not going to do much for dark circles or lines. Our Vancouver HydraFacial offers “perk” boosters add on for under eyes which moisturizes and helps with dark spots and lines!

HydraFacial Vancouver

Fine lines and wrinkles can be hereditary, sun damage, or aging. The collagen production slows down under your eyes making them to appear more dull and tired. There is no evidence to support that eye creams can reverse the aging process; they only can moisturize.

Getting a Vancouver HydraFacial can help by stimulating collagen, this dramatically diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and pushes moisture back into the skin.

How Do I Fix My Dark Under Eye Circles and Fine Lines?

Using a retinoid under your eyes is the best and most effective way to stimulate collagen and get new blood vessels to form under your eyes, which is what you want. The under eyes need to be more stimulated and using a retinol can be highly effective for this. If you are not using a high-quality vitamin C serum, it is important that you pair this serum and retinoid together.

Our White Rock HydraFacial specialist recommends putting Vitamin C under the eyes first, then a retinol (1% to start off), and then a thick layer of cream. Make sure that you are tapping this into the skin and not rubbing as you do not want to irritate the under eyes.

Using a retinol under your eyes can be drying, that is why it is important to put cream on afterwards after each application. Start off with applying these 3 nights a week and then work your way up to every night. You will find that your skin will adjust, and you will even be able to up your retinoid percent by more as you build up your tolerance.

Getting a GLOW Bright HydraFacial at our Surrey spa will ensure lasting results as well and will boost your under-eye skincare that you do yourself at home. Maintenance is key and following a strict skincare regimen is what will get you seeing real results instead of wasting hundreds on eye creams that don’t really work.