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There are multiple causes for dry, flaky skin. While some people are genetically afflicted by dry skin, dehydration, frequent hot water baths, medical ailments and environmental factors can aggravate the condition. Let’s consider the causes in detail.

8 Surprising Causes of Dry Skin

Harsh soaps and chemicals

As skin type is frequently genetic, using cleansing skincare products unsuitable for your skin can aggravate the condition. Different soaps and cleansers are created for different skin types. Soaps with ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, alcohols and strong fragrances are especially harsh for people with naturally dry skin and act as irritants.

Dry/cold weather exposure

You may have observed that your skin feels extra dry in certain seasons. That is perfectly normal and affects all skin types. However, people with naturally dry skin may experience more noticeable flaking and peeling during winter or in desert climates. The reason for this is that colder weather equals low humidity, which affects the skin’s natural PH balance and leads to drier skin. Indoor heating systems have the same effect. Surprisingly, while summers may not have the same effect on dry skin, air conditioning has been known to make skin drier.

Hot water

There’s nothing more comforting than a leisurely, hot water bath. But extended soaking in hot water or prolonged hot showers can, over time, make your skin lose moisture and cause flaking. Another source of dry skin is chlorine-treated water, which is why you may have observed rougher skin after a summer of fun, pool time. The salts in open sea swimming can also exacerbate skin drying.

Sun exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun coupled with inadequate sun protection makes the skin lose moisture and causes sunburn. Harsh UV rays also damage skin cells leading to dry skin and pigmentation.


An unavoidable cause of dry skin is genetics. Genetics affects the skin type you are born with. And some people also inherit skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, which lead to unsightly red patches, flaking and dry skin.


Certain ailments like diabetes and kidney disease also contribute to skin dryness.


As we all know, skin loses elasticity with age. In addition, the skin also produces less oil with age. This is why some people observe drier skin as they get older.

Bad Habits

Smoking is a habit that comes with numerous health warnings. One of the lesser-known consequences of smoking is dry skin. Another bad habit that over time can affect your skin is not drinking enough water. Severe dehydration can lead to flaky, dry skin, chapped lips and peeling.


A routine coupled with home remedies will lead to soft, hydrated and supple skin. You can maximize the benefits of regular skincare with spas, facials and dermatologist-supervised treatments. One such treatment such as HydraFacial in Surrey. A HydraFacial is a skin treatment provided by medical spas and dermatology offices like Spa White Rock and HydraFacial Morgan Creek.

This non-invasive procedure, similar to microdermabrasion, helps to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. HydraFacial in surrey makes use of a vortex-like wand that cleans dirt and oil from your pores. This treatment is gentler than chemical peel Surrey and microdermabrasion, with minimum downtime required.