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Healthy skin is a large part of good health, and ailments to do with the skin can affect you adversely. Diet has an influence on health and conditions, poor diet can lead to a poor appearance so it is important to monitor what you are putting into your body.

Many variables affect our skin in some way or the other. Hormones, the changing of the seasons, and some foods we eat, to name a few. Certain foods deemed “healthy” or foods we consume as “low fat” may affect the skin negatively. It is important to examine nutrition labels on foods before you consume them.

Skin issues include acne, dark patches and wrinkles and scars. An effective treatment to alleviate skin issues is the HydraFacial. In our South Surrey spa this facial rejuvenation therapy can eliminate skin scarring, fine lines and make the dark patches fade away.


Mood changes, air pollutants and seasons are some underrated factors that cause acne and skin break-outs. Stress also does this, but a major factor in acne breakout is diet. Leading dermatologists, like those belonging to White Rock spa centers, state that “skin shows what you eat.” For instance, research shows that dairy products, like milk, cause acne. Milk and other dairy products like cheese contain a hormone called IGF – 1, and this interacts with adrenal glands to produce acne. Dairy products also contain the amino acid, Leucine. This promotes the creation of sebum at the cellular level, causing pimples.

Our south surrey spa in BC, Canada, offers HydraFacial treatment that rejuvenates damaged skin, putting lost moisture back so that the skin is healthy again. Our HydraFacial Morgan Creek spa centers also offer this treatment, serving that area. A HydraFacial device is applied to the skin, and this hydrates dry cells in skin layers, essential for skin health.

Skin specialists agree with studies that exhibit that diet with a high glycemic level contributes to acne. Such a diet is high in sugar content, raising blood sugar. Insulin also gets elevated, and this stimulates more androgen creating sebum. Foods with high glycemic levels are sweet cereals, chips, cookies, sugary drinks, added-sugar foods, processed grains and food, etc.

Watch what you eat (and drink)

You may think you have to watch what you eat as you age. While this is true, you must always take care of the foods you consume. Alcohol consumption has adverse effects on skin health. Alcohol makes the body lose heat faster from dilated blood vessels and creates dehydration, resulting in excessive skin dryness. Coffee has the same effect. Deep-Fried food tastes excellent but leads to large amounts of oil production in the human body, especially skin cells.

While cheese and other dairy products are superfoods, they tend to block the pores of your skin. This causes blackheads and breakouts. The cold cuts that look so good in sandwiches look horrid on your skin. They are so packed with sodium that they can cause water retention, making skin puffy in the face. You can obliterate signs of ageing with a good White Rock HydraFacial with one of our glow bright facials. By limiting foods that cause skin conditions and getting regular HydraFacial’s, you can always maintain a healthy.