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Wearing a mask, especially if you are already struggling with acne, can be difficult to deal with. Our White Rock HydraFacial specialist is here to tell you different ways to combat these issues, why it is happening, and what products you may want to use for future use.

If you wear a mask for much of the day like most people, you may notice you are starting to get build up in your skin. This can be problematic, especially if you already struggle with acne, oily, or sensitive skin. Wearing a mask constantly can be harmful to the skin because you are breathing in and out the bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells on your skin that you already have. This causes the pores to build up with even more sebum, oil, and dirt and acne forms.

Getting a Surrey HydraFacial can dramatically improve this problem by deep cleaning the pores and extracting any blackheads, whiteheads, and dirt trapped in your pores.

When you are breathing into your mask, it also causes humidity to form, and in turn you may find your skin moister due to sweating. This also affects bacteria growth in the skin, increasing the risk of getting acne.

So how do we deal with this problem? Well, here are a few solutions from our White Rock HydraFacial specialist:

Tips To Prevent and Treat Face Acne

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Silk face masks contain antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Not only will this hep with acne, but studies have even shown that it can help fight contracting coronavirus due to the material properties.

Silk has copper in it, and studies have shown that copper can kill bacteria and viruses on contact! The problem with cotton masks is that it traps humidity and soaks up moisture, and its hard remembering to throw our masks in the washer after each day. Silk works at repelling against water and acting as a moisture barrier. Using a silk mask and combining it with HydraFacial Surrey treatments will ensure detoxed skin, and in turn, pores that can breathe properly.

Mask Bracket

We highly recommend the use of a silk face mask, but if you want to go a step further, using a mask bracket inside of your mask can really help with air flow inside of the mask. Instead of the mask being so close to your skin, hugging the surface of the skin and making it impossible to breathe, using a bracket can help with more breathing room and in turn more room for your pores to breathe.

Pairing the silk and bracket can make a huge difference for your skin. And when you can, taking a step outside for some fresh air can be helpful too. Our White Rock spa believes that making even small changes, can make a huge difference for your skin.