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Everybody wants great skin that glows, skin that’s smooth, and most of all, clean. But our current fast-paced lifestyle exposes us to pollution, chemically-filled products, and makeup. All these things clog up our skin pores and make it look dull and lifeless.

This calls for detoxification. But how can you detox your skin? We have included 5 ways that you can detox your skin to make your results from your white rock HydraFacial last even longer!

Five Ways To Detox Your Skin

A well-balanced diet

If your goal is to get clear skin, this should reflect in what you eat because your skin is largely affected by what you’re putting in your body. For a clear skin detox, you should avoid eating excess sugar, processed foods, fried foods, etc. Replace these kinds of foods with fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that nuts, fruits, veggies like broccoli, bananas, kale, pears, watermelon, etc., give your skin a beautiful glow?

Many people have developed skin issues because of the unhealthy food habits they have developed. The best solution for such cases is HydraFacial in south Surrey.

Sweat it out

Exercising should be one of the priorities when you’re trying to detox your skin. When you exercise, your body flushes out toxins and other impurities through skin pores. This greatly exfoliates your skin and cleans it.

If you struggle with dull skin and want a faster solution rather than sweating it out, you can always opt for HydraFacial Morgan Creek treatment.

Facial treatments

Undoubtedly, HydraFacial treatments are great at stimulating detoxification. Our glow bright facials remove dirt and sebum from the pores, opening up new clean room to infuse with antioxidants and special serums that will rejuvenate your face.

Double cleansing

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You should include double cleansing in your daily routine as it can help detox your skin. This includes a pre-cleanser and a cleanser – both help eliminate pollutants that your skin accumulates throughout the day.

It is advisable always to stay careful while buying a double cleanser kit. Depending on your skin type you may want to stay away from oil based cleansers is you have active acne or oily skin.

Get enough sleep

No matter what kind of skincare routine you’re following, if you don’t get adequate sleep, your skin condition will improve very slowly. Just like your body, your skin needs rest to heal itself from all the inflammation and damage from day to day stressors.

You have seen how people develop dark circles under their eyes if they don’t sleep well for days. This is why sleep is crucial to enhance your skin’s condition. You can visit your nearby South Surrey spa to get a glow bright facial treatment that will help improve the dull tired look of your skin.​