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As a teenager, you must have suffered through horrible acne breakouts. You might have thought that once you become an adult, you might not have to deal with it anymore. However, this is not the truth. The reality is that a large number of men and women all over the world experience acne, scarring, and discoloration well into their adulthood. Having these blemishes at any age can not only wreck your skin but also impact your appearance and confidence negatively. Thankfully, there is a treatment - HydraFacial. Keep reading to learn about HydraFacial treatment offered at GLOWBright Med Spa, one of the best spas in South Surrey and how we help banish acne breakouts and scars without any surgery, discomfort, or downtime. What is HydraFacial? It is a treatment for acne that is gentle enough for sensitive skin and offers a smoother and clearer complexion. So, if your skin looks dull, rough, or has blackheads, whiteheads, dry/oily patches or congested pores, it is time for you to seek the help of professionals. Instead of getting your regular facials, what you can do is use a more gentle and effective approach. HydraFacial combines the elements of wet microdermabrasion and a peel. This non-invasive procedure is a safe and effective way of combating acne. It involves using the patented Vortex technology for ridding the skin of pore-clogging and acne-causing agents and diminishing scarring and hyperpigmentation. How is it performed? There are three steps involved in this procedure that have zero downtime and are performed in about 30 minutes. At our White Rock spa, a specialist will begin the HydraFacial treatment by cleansing away impurities on the epidermal layer before they remove other debris and dead skin cells with a deplaning tool. You might feel a sensation similar to an electric toothbrush. The next step is applying a chemical peel made of salicylic and glycolic acid. However, it has such a gentle composition that it wonโ€™t cause any stinging or burning. This is followed by using the extraction nozzle for releasing unwanted substances from the insides of the pores. The last step involves infusing your skin with serums and antioxidants to hydrate, revitalize, and nourish it. This is a safe treatment that can be used on all skin types for addressing a wide range of cosmetic issues, including acne, discoloration, scars, oily complexion, large pores, rough skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin. Effective acne treatment Through the HydraFacial treatment offered at GLOWBright Med Spa, the best spa for Hydrafacial White Rock and Hydrafacial Morgan Creek, the specialist will target the dead skin cells that get mixed with sebum to produce inflamed blemish. It also works on reducing the acne bacteria present on the skin and clearing clogged pores in order to address active acne as well as prevent future issues. Apart from this, it also smoothens the scars left behind by acne and breaks up hyperpigmentation. In the end, you will have less noticeable pores, fewer breakouts, a clearer complexion, and smoother skin. If you want to know more about HydraFacial as an acne treatment, you should book an appointment today at the best spa for HydraFacial in South Surrey, BC, Canada!