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You know the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water to lead a healthy life. The daily recommendation from our South Surrey spa is eight cups. However, this amount varies depending on where you live, how much you exercise, and your overall health.

What about when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy? After all, you don’t want to end up with scaly and dry skin. So, how much water should you drink to hydrate your skin? Here is everything you need to know about this topic.

Water and Skin Hydration

For hydrating your skin, you don’t have to think about how much water you’re consuming every day. Make sure you sip fluids throughout the day to ensure your body has sufficient water.

When you drink water frequently, it helps in the complete functioning of your body. For starters, it ensures the right nutrients reach your skin through your blood. It also helps flush your system. As long as you don’t feel extremely thirsty, it means you’re drinking sufficient water.

What will happen if you don’t drink enough water regularly? It causes dehydration, affecting the health of your skin. In this condition, your body starts to focus on circulating fluids and nutrients to essential organs. As a result, your skin becomes flaky and dry.

What should you Keep in mind Regarding Skin Hydration?

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Now that you know how water helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy, let’s focus on the finer details. You can drink herbal and fruit teas as they help you maintain your water intake. Avoid consuming beverages containing caffeine and sugar as they dehydrate your body. In the long run, it affects the health of your skin.

You can supplement your skin’s health with our skin brightening treatments surrey. Our glow bright facials not only help protect your skin but also aids in its rejuvenation. It also hydrates your skin, leaving it looking shiny.

What is the purpose of choosing HydraFacial White Rock? Keep in mind your external skin, consisting of skin cells above the epidermis, should be in excellent condition. They act as a barrier protecting your skin. At the same time, it also retains water inside your skin, preventing loss of moisture. With HydraFacial Morgan Creek, you won’t have to worry about hydrating these layers of your skin.

How to know if your water intake is sufficient for your body?

Depending on your requirements, increase how much water you drink to keep your skin healthy. How do you know whether you’re drinking enough water every day?

When you go to the toilet to urinate, check the color of your urine. Ideally, it should pale yellow, as this indicates optimal hydration. If it’s clear, you’re drinking way too much and should cut down on your consumption. When it’s darker shades of yellow or amber, it is an indicator to increase your water intake.

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