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You have probably already come across the term Retinol. It’s time you know how this miracle ingredient works to make your skin healthy and help you defy age.

Retinol is regarded as the gold standard ingredient when it comes to skincare, and rightly so. It has tremendous skin clearing and anti-ageing skincare benefits.

Retinol: Anti-Aging Benefits

It is a Vitamin A synthetic derivative, which is fat-soluble and commonly comes from sweet potatoes, eggs and carrots. It is a type of retinoid which is available in a variety of forms, like creams, serums and oils.

The small molecules of retinol allow it to penetrate from the surface of the skin into a deeper layer where it helps to neutralize free radicals and increase the cell turnover. This wonder ingredient is known to alter the behaviour of aged cells so they act in a youthful manner.

Retinol is widely used in age-preventive skincare treatments here at White Rock Spa in South Surrey. Our committed skin experts are readily available to guide you about its Dos and Don’ts and educate you regarding its amazing benefits and possible side effects.

For our clients with skin-ageing concerns, we use retinol serums in our advanced hydrafacials at white rock spa. The results have always been exceptional. There is a noticeable difference in skin texture, the appearance of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. The skin looks considerably radiant and refined with its regular use.

When used topically in the form of a serum or cream, the retinol binds with the retinoid receptors in the skin. This stimulates the production of two essential skin proteins, elastin and collagen, resulting in increased cell turnover.

How Retinol Helps You Defy Age | Glow Bright Med Spa

In addition, experts have identified a prominent role of retinol in controlling acne by having a positive effect on the function of oil glands that control sebum production.

Retinol can be used all over the skin and helps lighten the marks caused by hyperpigmentation and old acne flare-ups. This brings back the life in your skin, making it look younger and fuller.

As with anything, consistency is the key to achieving the desired results. Regular use of retinol in your skincare routine will give you amazing results, even skin tone and a fine texture.

However, it is also common for people to experience some kind of side effects, especially if they are not using it in the right concentration. For some people, it causes skin irritation or redness if used too frequently or in a higher concentration. 

It has also been shown to cause dryness and make your skin sensitive to the sun. Therefore it is advised to avoid direct exposure to the sun after applying retinol and to always wear your sunscreen after.


Here are White Rock Spa, we are very particular about avoiding any side effects during our treatments like hydrafacial, hair growth treatment, hair removal treatment etc. We aim to perform all our treatments in a controlled manner after thoroughly examining our client’s concerns. We have continued to give amazing results with retinol in improving the skin texture, signs of ageing and plumpness. To know more, give us a visit a White Rock Spa in South Surrey and we will be happy to provide you with any service you need.