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Sunscreen prevents your skin from damage, mainly against conditions like cancer. Dermatologically, it has advantages that protect against ageing. It is effective only when applied the right way. Board-certified dermatologists often advise the appropriate way to apply sunscreen. Whether you are on a walk or a holiday, skin experts from our White Rock spa will tell you that sunscreen benefits you.

The Benefits of Sunscreen

The right level

You can get treatment to eliminate the harsh effects of UV rays from the sun that show on the skin. Our HydraFacial in White Rock is an easy solution for exfoliating and hydrating skin. Nonetheless, by using a simple sunblock, you can prolong ageing and minimize cancer risk. When you buy a sunscreen, make sure the label denotes “broad spectrum,” meaning it protects from UVB and UVA rays. In case you spend more time outdoors, the SPF should be 30 plus. Products that have the seal of the “Skin Cancer Foundation” are officially certified as efficacious and safe.

The Amount

Our HydraFacial Morgan Creek clinics in Canada are talked about for providing clients with a treatment that exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. Taking away the signs of ageing and damage from the elements, this revolutionary treatment can effectively eliminate visible skin issues, even acne scars. You can look after your own skin for as long as possible, eliminating damage from the sun’s rays by applying sunscreen in specific amounts.

Doctors recommend that you should use around 2 milligrams of sunblock per square centimetre of skin. In layman’s terms, this is equal to a shot glass full or two tablespoons worth. Cancer and skin experts say, for the face alone, a dollop the size of a nickel is enough. If a spray is used, you can apply till a sheen appears evenly on your face. Sunscreen has to be applied every two hours, more so after you swim, perspire or towel-dry skin. Experts who do the HydraFacial in Surrey, Canada, will confirm this.

Applying the correct way

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According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association and professionals of the South Surrey spas in Canada, applying sunscreen the right way is the key to essential protection and skin health. Here’s how to apply it:

Apply before you go out – As sunscreen takes about 15 minutes to get absorbed by the skin, you have to apply it before going outdoors.

See that you apply enough

Apply to skin-exposed areas – It’s not just your face that needs sunblock, but any part of your body that’s exposed. Don’t forget to apply it to your ears, neck, tops of feet and legs. For lips, apply a balm with SPF 15 or more. For your back, you can use a spray.

Reapplication – Using sunscreen every two hours protects you. In case you sweat or swim, reapply it. You can be exposed to UV rays even on cloudy days. It’s important to take care not to use an expired product.​