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Skin Care Routine proves to be beneficial under all circumstances. Whether you follow a night time skin care routine or a an extensive morning routine, a good skin care goes a long way.

Some of the funniest myths about Hydrafacial or skin care routine is the idea that people prone to acne are limited to do so. In every way, this is wrong.

Dermaplane Surrey
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Skin Care routine benefits you whether or not you have acne; it moisturizes your skin, hydrates the periphery, and gives life to the dead skin cells.

Dermaplane Surrey
Dermaplane Surrey

Whether you are heading for a proper Hydrafacial at White Rock Spa, South Surrey or giving a go to a Youtube Skin Care routine; the use and directions to proper ingredients is extremely important.

In the world full of various creams, serums and masks let us direct you on how to mix ingredients properly to yield effective results

dermaplane surrey
dermaplane surrey


Commonly known as Vitamin A, Retinol is one of the most favorite skin care ingredients of dermatologists worldwide.

Why is that so? Well, for starters Retinol encourages skin cell turnover which ultimately improves the appearance of your facial skin.

With this agent, you would not need to worry about fine lines, wrinkles, dark spot, and acne. It is commonly used in Hydrafacial treatment.

However, if not used properly it can be extremely irritating hence; here is a perfect mixture of retinol;

  • Mix Retinol with moisturizing agents such as Hyaluronic Acid, ceramides, and SPF.

Here at White Rock Spa, South Surrey we make sure to properly moisturize your skin through the use of hyaluronic acid which withholds water molecules to the surface of your skin. We are also vigilant to apply SPF simultaneously since Retinol can make you more sensitive to sun.

  • Moreover, don’t Mix Retinol with vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide, and AHA/BHA acids.
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Vitamin C

When doing Hydrafacial treatment or extensive skin care routine don’t forget to add Vitamin C in your bucket since it comes with many perks:

  • Works best in the morning by providing your skin oxidative free radical damage
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Brighten the skin in no time
hydrafacial white rock
hydrafacial white rock

The most effective way to use vitamin C recommended by dermatologist as well as Hydrafacial treatment experts is to use it in mixture with antioxidants and SPF. The reason for it is because when Vitamin C is mixed with antioxidants like Vitamin E and SPF, its result and efficiency multiplies.

  • When adhering to Vitamin C, make sure to not use it with retinol.

Both these agents work best at different times. Vitamin C thrive at daytime and Retinol giving its best result overnight.

Hydrafacial Treatment at White Rock Spa, South Surrey ensures the proper mixture and use of Vitamin C to provide you with immediate and effective results.

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Benzoyl Peroxide

How can one miss mixture of Benzyl Peroxide with gentle hydrating ingredients, SPF, and topical antibiotics when talking about skin care for acne prone skins.

This mixture is a game changer for people who have acne breakouts and are always stressed about annoying marks on their faces.

Since it itself is a drying agent hence every part of this skin care routine needs to be cautiously used and mixed with gentle hydrating ingredients for effective results.

  • We here White Rock Spa doesn’t recommend using Benzoyl Peroxide with retinol.

If you are extremely vigilant and follow the right direction to mixing the skin care ingredients properly, we guarantee effective and immediate results.

hydrafacial white rock
Hydrafacial White Rock