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A proper skincare routine that includes our HydraFacial in Surrey is essential when you want to improve the health and appearance of your skin. However, there are common mistakes you might be making, wasting your time, efforts, and money. Want to make sure you get the results you desire from your skincare routine with HydraFacial White Rock or HydraFacial Morgan Creek? Here are the most common skincare mistakes, along with how you can steer clear from them:

The Most Common Skincare Mistakes

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Cleansing with hot water and not moisturizing immediately

After cleansing your face, you may forget to moisturize your face. The problem with this mistake is that it makes your skin feel dehydrated and dry. Also, as your skin is tighter after a shower, it adds to the irritation.

When you use hot water, it damages your skin while making it itchy and dry. Always use lukewarm water when cleansing your face. Moisturize immediately after you wash to prevent moisture from escaping your skin.

No sun, No sunscreen

Should you apply sunscreen on your skin even if it’s cloudy? Regardless of whether the sun is out or not during the day, you should always use sunscreen. Sunlight can reflect off water, sand, and snow, damaging your skin.

Before you go outside, always apply sunscreen. Avoid products that use chemicals as they are harmful to your skin and health.

Not using cleanser/makeup remover

You may think it’s okay to use only water to remove makeup from your face. Although it may look like it’s effective, in reality, it doesn’t work. Water doesn’t remove all the makeup particles on your skin. The residue these specks leave behind clog the pores, resulting in a breakout of various skin problems.

Use a makeup remover or cleanser without any toxic ingredients as they remove all the makeup from your skin. Although makeup wipes are convenient to use, avoid them as they tend to be harsh on your skin.

Same skincare routine for morning and night

Although it’s convenient to have the same skincare routine during the day and night time, it doesn’t work. During the day, you want to clean your skin and prep it for applying makeup. At night, you have to remove the makeup and replenish your skin with essential nutrients.

During the daytime, use a gentle cleanser to get your skin ready for makeup. Use serums with protective ingredients as they safeguard your skin against harsh elements. At nighttime, double cleanse to remove the makeup. Also, use retinol skincare products at night as sunlight makes them unstable.


Knowing about these common mistakes helps you catch yourself before you damage your skin. There is plenty of information from our Spa White Rock that will help you take care of your skin. Always educate yourself before committing to any skincare routine. If possible, go for toxin-free and natural products for your skin. Looking for more skincare advice? Get in touch with GLOW Bright, a White Rock spa to learn more!