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Menopause is a natural process that one cannot turn a blind eye to. It is a stressful period leaving your physical and mental health in total chaos. Alongside these, many women complain about having unbidden skin problems during the menopause period.

Being the sensitive and delicate part of the human body, your skin is prone to a variety of problems and can hardly resist the effect caused by the stressors of menopause.

White Rock Spa, South Surrey encourages the women going through menopause to not let the stress get to their skin and provides extensive HydraFacial Treatment to nourish it.

Even if you are not sure about getting HydraFacial Treatment at White Rock Spa, we have still gathered plenty of information to be able to tackle these problems on your own.


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Effects of Menopause on your Skin

The biology of a woman’s body is designed in a way to naturally stop the onset of menstruation which is termed Menopause.

Precisely defined, it is 12 months period with no menstruation in a woman. Typically, it usually hosts a female body at the end of childbearing age which is around the mid-late 50s. However, due to dietary and hormonal imbalances women in their 30s now also complain about reaching menopause.

During the period of menopause, a woman body goes through significant physiological and psychologically changes. Both changes leave a drastic effect on the skin.

Due to distinct hormonal imbalances and fluctuations, implications in the skin starts to occur in the peri-menopausal stage.

This absolute decline in hormone promotes the skin to produce less sebum. The result of which includes your skin no longer being oily despite having the same problem for years.

Not only this but your skin also becomes extremely sensitive to external and internal stimuli. You might also notice increased spot breakouts, itchy skin, redness, wrinkles.

Dermaplane Surrey
Dermaplane Surrey

Acne and changes in texture are also some of the common problems reported by women during menopause. Low oestrogen level also contributes to the dryness of the skin.

How to Maintain Your Skin

HydraFacial Treatment at White Rock Spa, South Surrey is an excellent solution to deal with skin problems during menopause.

Alternative to that, you can try the following methods:

Healthy Dietary Habits

Assessing your dietary Habits and upgrading your water intake can have a substantial and a positive effect on your barely breathing skin.

Less consumption of alcohol, increased uptake of water and healthy stress coping mechanisms are some of the positive habits you must add to your daily routine.

Make sure your diet is rich in nuts, seeds, and fish to encourage glowing skin.

In addition, adding a skin supplement such as Vitamin A with omegas is a cherry on top.

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dermaplane surrey

Life Style Changes

  • Regular 8 hours sleeping pattern
  • Exercise and meditate to boost up your blood circulation for glowing skin
  • Add Yoga to your routine

Work on Specific Skin Problems


  • To deal with dryness avoid bathing with hot water
  • Consistently apply moisturizer on your skin to keep it from getting dry
  • Use Sun Screen and harsh soaps.


  • Avoid scented skincare products
  • Encourage the use of anti-inflammatory products such as Aloe vera, Chamomile.
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  • Use Sun Screen and Vitamin A
  • Go for treatments like Micro-needling, Laser Resurfacing, HydraFacial Treatment

We constantly encourage women who have reached their menopause to adopt healthy skin habits. You can also book various skin treatments, laser hair growth, hair removal services and teeth whitening services in Surrey at our Spa.