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Using the right skincare products along with our HydraFacial in Surrey helps keep your skin healthy and glowing. Knowing when to use what can make a significant difference in how your skin looks. While shopping, you might come across skincare products that moisturize and hydrate. Are they the same, or do they have different functionalities?

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Although they nourish your skin, they aren’t the same. Knowing the differences between the two will help you pick the best products from our skin lightening treatments Surrey for your skin’s needs.

Moisturize and Hydration – What are they?

Hydration is the water content present inside your cells. When you use a hydrator, it increases the ability of your skin to absorb nutrients and moisture.

Moisturizing is different as it focuses on keeping moisture within your skin. It helps prevent the loss of water from your skin cells. As a result, they keep your skin smooth and soft.

When should you use Hydrators and Moisturizers?

Now that you are aware of the differences between these two types of skincare products, the next thing to learn is when you should use them.

When your skin is dry, it can’t retain water. Applying moisturizer on your skin will help form a protective layer on the skin surface. If you use products with appropriate formulae, they will also provide all the nutrients your skin needs to be healthy.

However, if your skin is suffering from the effects of dehydration, you need to hydrate it immediately. Hydrators are effective in this situation as they make sure your skin cells get all the water they need to rejuvenate.

How to know when Your Skin is dry or Dehydrated?

It is common for people to mistake dry skin for dehydrated and vice versa. Knowing what skin problem you’re facing is the first step in choosing the right skincare products. For example, if you use moisturizer when your skin is dehydrated, you won’t notice any improvements.

When your skin is dry, it looks flaky and peels off easily. Dehydration is different as it changes the complexion from glowing to lacklustre and dull. Also, it causes wrinkles and fine lines to form. Why? As your skin cells don’t have adequate amounts of water, they shrivel.

What to Look for When Buying Moisturizers and Hydrators?

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Moisturizers often use different ingredients and formulae based on skin type and season. During summer, going for lightweight products is the right decision. In winter, you can switch to a thicker moisturizer. However, when picking a moisturizer, make sure you choose one that works with your skin type to get the best results.

Hydrators are for all skin types as long as they are water-soluble. Avoid going for products that use alcohol as it dries your skin, damaging your skin. Apply moisturizers and hydrators in the morning and night to get the best results from these skincare products. Another way you can hydrate your skin is with our HydraFacial Morgan Creek treatment. To find how you can benefit from HydraFacial White Rock, contact GLOW Bright, a White Rock spa, today.​