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Clogged pores are a common skin problem; which is no surprise.

But have you done your research about what actually causes them? Getting your facts straight about why something is happening is the first step towards getting rid of it.

Together we are going to bust some popular myths about clogged pores. A great way to detox your pores is by getting a Surrey HydraFacial.


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First, let’s see what causes them?

Pores occur naturally on the skin and are not a problem until they become clogged and appear enlarged. Our skin layer holds many sweat glands which produce sweat to regulate our body temperature. This sweat travels through the pores on your skin where it evaporates and keeps your body temperature optimum.

Dermaplane Surrey
Dermaplane Surrey

So what causes these pores to clog?

We all know the two main culprits; Sebum or excess oil and dead skin cells. But there is another lesser-known but potentially dangerous culprit and that is over-cleansing.

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dermaplane surrey

Sebaceous glands under your skin are regularly producing sebum to prevent your skin from over-drying and cell turnover produces dead skin cells that come up to the surface. If you don’t cleanse and exfoliate often, this build-up can clog your pores.

Cleansing your face excessively also has a similar effect. Over-cleansing can cause your skin to dry. The dryness is the signal for your sebaceous glands to produce sebum in excess. Excess sebum is the main reason your pores clog easily.

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For this reason, our experts at White Rock Spa recommend that you cleanse your face twice; once in the morning and once at night with a gentle cleanser that does not strip your face from its natural moisture.

Let’s get one thing straight; pores can be unclogged and your smooth, radiant and firm skin can return.

Let’s bust a few myths about Clogs that most of us believe to be true. One of the best treatments for clogged pores is our White Rock Hydrafacial.

Pores Get Larger If Untreated

When we talk about enlarged pores, it is not that the pores actually increase in size; they appear bigger in size. The enlarged effect of the pore is due to the dirt, oil and impurities trapped in it that makes it look bigger on your skin. If you keep your pores clean and regularly exfoliate your skin, your skin texture will appear smooth.

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Pores Can Be Closed

The primary function of the pores is to release sweat and waste from your skin to keep it healthy and at a moderate temperature. This reason dictates that the pores always remain open. This is also the reason they are more likely to be clogged by dirt, makeup and impurities if not regularly cleaned.

Blackheads and Clogged Dirt is Same

Blackheads that sometimes appear on the surface of the clogged pore is not due to trapped dirt, it is because the clogged pores are oxidised which makes them turn black. Whatever the case may be, having a proper and consistent skincare routine can keep your pores clean and give you a flawless texture.

At White Rock Spa, Surrey, we successfully deal with clogged pores with our advanced Hydrafacials. Visit us for a consultation or booking any time.