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The days of hiding your dark spots, sun spots, age spots, and blemishes behind an excessive amount of concealers are over.

Here at White Rock Spa, we can personalize your HydraFacial with the britenol booster to help you get rid of these stubborn spots. Britenol booster is powered with the promising combination of Alpha Arbutin; a brightening agent, Vitamin C; an antioxidant and bearberry extract; a brightener.

This triple effect formula helps to minimize the appearance of dark spots while brightening your skin and giving you an even skin tone.

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For our clients with the concern of dark spots and age spots, we pair it up with our amazing all-in-one HydraFacial that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates your skin. Britenol booster spot treatment has given incredible results in minimizing the spots and giving our clients a brighter and even complexion.

Here are 3 Major Ingredients of Britenol Booster

The best thing about the britenol booster is that it is lightweight and does not irritate the skin even after the HydraFacial procedure. You can target specific spots on the skin or apply evenly all over the face for intensive nourishment.

One of the key ingredients of this booster is Alpha Arbutin, a well known ingredient for brightening the skin in the cosmetic industry. Alpha Arbutin works by inhibiting an enzyme present within the melanocytes called tyrosinase, which is responsible for catalyzing the production of melanin. As melanin production is controlled, so is the darkening of the skin. With less pigment, the appearance of the dark spots slowly diminishes.

The second ingredient, Vitamin C is a widely used antioxidant in skincare products. It protects the skin from the damaging free radicals that cause premature ageing of the skin. Exposure to UV rays can give rise to free radicals which makes it highly important to use Vitamin C and a good sunscreen in your skincare routine.

In HydraFacial, we do it for you. Vit C powered britenol booster also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the essential skin proteins for firmness and plumpness of the skin. This leaves your skin with an all-over radiance like never before.

Lastly, the bearberry extract is a natural skin brightening agent with arbutin that works gradually by reducing the appearance of dark spots on the skin and giving you a youthful glow. With its amazing skin-lightening properties, it works wonders with Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C to give you a brighter complexion, even skin tone and a firm, hydrated texture.


So what are you waiting for? If dark spots, sunspots and ageing spots have been your struggle for a long time, do not let them mar your self-confidence any further. Visit us at the White Rock Spa to avail this skin modifying Hydrafacial service and feel the difference yourself. We are proud to produce amazing results with Britenol booster powered HydraFacial with highly ethical and board-certified professionals.

You can reach us out at White Rock Spa, South Surrey for any skin related advice and services and we will be happy to provide you with our services.