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If you have questions about how to slow down the aging process, you are in the right place. As women, we dread the word “wrinkles” or “lines”, and next thing we know, we are buying a $200 anti-wrinkle cream for under eyes! The nerve that it doesn’t work the next morning is just…outrageous!

Seriously though, is there ways to prevent aging and if so when should we start, what should we do, and what products should we be buying and not be buying? Our Surrey spa in White in Rock is here to give you some great tips and pointers!

First off, don’t wait too late! It is important to start using anti-aging products in your early 20s if you wish to slow down the process. A lot of people wait until their 30s when they start to see fine lines and wrinkles and miss the most important years.

Here are some products to help slow down aging that you should be using right now:


The holy grail of skincare, it truly is! Retinoids reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face by stimulating collagen production and new blood vessels in your skin. It can do this by removing deteriorated elastin fibers in your skin. Skin cell turnover production is enhanced, and it can even help with skin tone and fade dark spots. If you have any questions about retinol, talk to our skincare specialist at our White Rock spa.

If you have very sensitive skin and struggle with rosacea, using a retinoid may not be suitable for you.

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Keeping your skin detoxed, healthy, hydrated, and rejuvenated, our White Rock HydraFacial Spa can give you all these benefits and more. Using a vacuum suction tip, we remove dirt, oil, and sebum from the pores, allowing the skin to be penetrated with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. This is anti-aging and staying on top of these procedures can be life changing for your skin.

Getting a Surrey HydraFacial also benefits better product absorption in your skin afterwards, which means the use of retinoids and any other skincare products that you use will seep into your pores better.

We cannot say enough about this, it is very important to use a hyaluronic acid if you are looking to slow down the aging process. When you put this acid on your skin, it soaks up moisture and boosts overall hydration in your skin. Skin types that are dry to normal would benefit immensely from this.


Dry, tired looking, and dull skin can dramatically increase the look of aging if not cared for properly. Our White Rock HydraFacial presses hyaluronic acid into the skin to rejuvenate and hydrate the skins elasticity and get rid of dull and tired skin.