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Oily skin can be hard to manage, especially during the summers when there is no way to avoid the Sun completely. People with oily skin struggle with acne breakouts, leaving them to deal with stubborn marks for months. They also have a tendency to have enlarged pores and an overall greasy appearance.

Sebum is the natural oil that your skin produces to keep it moist.  While in moderation it is completely healthy and essential to keep your skin hydrated; people with oily skin have an overproduction of sebum. Our White Rock Hydrafacial can help you with excess oil production.

Most of the time the greasiness appears mostly on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) while the cheeks may be dry or normal. Applying makeup regularly on oily skin makes it more prone to having acne flare-ups; something that we all dread.

We have come up with some amazing tips that you can use in your daily routine to manage your oily skin.

1.    Cleanse your Face Twice a Day

Your skin is continuously producing sebum, most of which keeps accumulating on the skin surface. Therefore, it is important to wash your face with the right cleanser at least twice a day to dry off excess oil.  Make sure your cleanser is not too harsh because you don’t want to strip your face from essential oil. Our team at GLOW Bright Med Spa can give recommend a great cleanser for your skin after your White Rock HydraFacial.

Gel-based or foamy, oil control face wash and cleansers are generally recommended for people with oily skins. Also, go for cleansers with salicylic acid which will gently exfoliate your skin and help dissolve sebum.

2.    Don’t Skip Moisturizer

People with oily skin tend to think they do not need a moisturizer since their skin is already oily. This is unfair to your skin which still needs to lock in the moisture that will keep your face hydrated.

The key is to find a moisturizer fit for your skin type. Oily skins can benefit from a light-weight moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. Also, make sure that your moisturizer is non-comedogenic so that it does not clog your pores. At our White Rock Spa, we have the best moisturizing products for your skin!

3.    Don’t Pick your Pimples

Since people with oily skin are more prone to acne breakouts, there is a higher chance they will pick out their pimples. Refrain from doing so. Your hand can be full of skin-harming bacteria and touching your skin can aggravate the condition.

4.    Do Not Overdo

If you have oily skin, it is better to keep your skincare routine and even your makeup routine simple. Layering up can create a mess on your skin and trap impurities, makeup, and dead cells in the pores, resulting in a breakout. Try not to overdo your skincare regimen and follow the essential steps like cleansing, toning, moisturizing and wearing an SPF.

hydrafacial white rock
white rock hydrafacial

5.    Avoid Drying With a Compact Powder

It is a common practice to fix your face and makeup with a compact powder whenever it feels too greasy. Again, it can clog your pores and worsen your acne. Instead, use blotting sheets to gently pat the oily area of your skin.

These simple, yet effective tips can create a huge difference in managing your oily skin. For advanced treatment, you can visit us at White Rock Spa, South Surrey for our amazing hydrafacial and other skin treatments for oily skins.