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It’s a well-known fact that some vitamins play a vital role in skin health. Several cases indicate that these vitamins are efficacious when applied directly to the skin. In fact our spa White Rock recommends these supplements for the skin. Experts advise that a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, aid in the enhancement of skin health. Vitamins boost overall health and the skin benefits in the bargain.

Vitamins Health and Skin Benefits

The Natural Boost

Treatment centers for a HydraFacial in South Surrey, BC, Canada, have in-house experts that know the benefits of general health and positive outcomes for skincare. Typically, the primary way in which vitamins aid in the maintenance of great skin is by way of ensuring that you have good health. It’s important to recognize that vitamins are naturally occurring substances needed by the human body to function optimally. Vitamins that give your skin a healthy glow are B, D and vitally, vitamin C.

Vitamin C and Skin

The HydraFacial treatment is a revolutionary treatment, minimally invasive and quick, given at clinics in White Rock. Spa treatment professionals, like those in BC, Canada, agree about the advantages of vitamin C. Humans don’t have the ability to produce vitamin C naturally, like most animals. Through diet, you can get your quota of vitamin C from citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables and bell peppers. As skin cells use vitamin C to ward off the stress from pollutants, smoking and UV rays, it keeps skin lustrous. Skin also requires vitamin C to manufacture collagen. This protein consists of above seventy percent of the dry weight of human skin.

Skin Specialists' Recommendations

A relatively new product, powdered vitamin C aids in protecting your face and can be blended with serums and moisturizers, considerably reducing signs of ageing. To use vitamin C effectively, it needs to be turned into a form called ascorbic acid. This is unstable and breaks down on exposure to oxygen, heat, or light. In powdered vitamin C, ascorbic acid is more resistant to these elements. It also retains much of its wealthy composition than if bottled in serums and topical creams.

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Advantages of Application

The experts in our clinic that perform the HydraFacial in Morgan Creek accommodate the best in the business, this is what we will tell you about the advantages of powdered vitamin C:


The best antioxidant you can use on your skin is vitamin C, as it gets absorbed by skin cells in its powdered form. Destroying free radicals (elements that draw electrons out from cells) that damage skin, it promotes anti-ageing. Free radicals go into action when the skin is exposed to harsh UV rays and pollutants.

Collagen Production

Vitamin C synthesizes collagen, and this is the natural substance that keeps skin smooth and supple.

Skin Lightening

Inhibiting an enzyme called tyrosinase, vitamin C lightens skin and fades dark patches. Tyrosinase changes the amino acid tyrosine into melanin, the pigment that provides skin with color.​