What are those white dots under my skin?

If you would like to know more information about the HydraFacial procedure and how it works, read this article for a step by step!

This is a commonly googled question. You have these white things underneath your skin, you don’t know what they are, and it’s impossible to pop them. There could be a bunch of reasons for this, if you find that specifically they are flaring up sometimes and come to the surface every once in a while and you are indeed able to pop them, then these are actually whiteheads trapped underneath the skin. They are extremely annoying and can effect your skins texture, who likes that?

If you have combination skin, you could be more oily in certain places on your face than others. Your chin for example or near your nose are more common places for oil buildup. This can cause whiteheads to get trapped under the skin thus making it impossible to reach. Eating certain oily foods can also trigger this worse if you are not using the proper skincare regimen. Our Vancouver spa has got you covered with some tips below that may help tackle these issues:

If the whiteheads are around your jawline and chin only:

This could be a hormonal issue if you have trapped whiteheads around your jawline area. Skincare products aside, we would recommend d taking a magnesium supplement, this helps balance out hormones as well as slows down the aging process! You should start off with a low does of magnesium and work your way up.

If the whiteheads are on your forehead, jawline, and close to the central part of your face:

Hydrafacial Before After

You could be dealing with some oily skin that is freaking out because of too much oil production. There has to be a balance in order for there to be harmony. Read below what we recommend to fix any of these issues you may be having:

Salicylic Acid Cleanser:

This is an absolute must if you are struggling with white heads under the skin. Salicylic acid removes bacteria from the skin and gunk that has built up on the skin, this includes oil. It is actually an exfoliant which will purify the skin. Although it can be a little drying, it works wonders to bringing balance back to the skin. Your white heads will actually rise to the surface and you will be able to extract them!

We recommend d coming to our Vancouver spa for regular Hydrafacials if you are using any type of Salicylic acid so that your skin is being infused with hydration and radiance while also being balanced out my the acid. You will notice a huge difference in your skin after 3 months. If you would like to know one of the best reviewed and most recommended fed salicylic acid cleanser, we recommend purchasing this one.

If you have any more questions related to skincare we are happy to service you at our Surrey spa, contact us for information on how we can transform your skin!