Learn More About Hydrafacials

Our Surrey Spa Is The Go To Place To Receive Top Notch Hydrafacial Services!  

Looking for a hydrafacial in Surrey? Glow Bright Med Spa offers the most transforming facials in White rock and Morgan creek area. We care about your skin and have came up with three glow bright Facials to target any concerns you may have. If you are looking to get the best hydrafacial in Surrey, our med spa is here to fully service you. You can expect complete hydration and glowing skin after just one treatment.

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Our white rock spa is the ultimate experience for anyone looking to rejuvenate and exfoliate their skin. There is little to no downtime with our signature facials, we cater to a variety of different skin types including sensitive skin. Using brand new hydrafacial technology we deep clean the pores and get rid of any sebum or build up on the skin. Getting your hydrafacial in Surrey has never been better. If you have tired and dull skin, our best treatment that we recommend for you is the glow bright radiance facial.

Using a special Britenol booster, we combat the look of dull and dry skin and deliver complete radiance. We are one of the best spas in White Rock because our med spa is fueled by a passion for skincare. We take your skin care journey seriously and are here to guide you. You can achieve that perfect skin that you want with the proper maintenance and facial care.

We recommend coming in for a hydrafacial every 3 to 4 weeks, this maximizes the results of your hydrafacial and makes them last longer. Maintenance is extremely important to achieve the goals you want when it comes to skin care. We understand that it can be hard doing this alone, that is why we are here to help you. Get the best hydrafacial in Surrey today and let us help you transform your skin!​