Why Aren’t My Products Working?

If you would like to know more information about the HydraFacial procedure and how it works, read this article for a step by step!

So you’ve found a facial product you really like, the reviews are amazing, you’ve done your research on YouTube and Google. I mean who hasn’t if you are a total skincare nerd? You buy the products and are super excited to receive it in the mail…well, only to be disappointed a month later when you realize it has done nothing for your skin. Catfished much?

There is so much information and skin care bloggers on YouTube and other media outlets that recommend skincare products, but they are actually getting paid for it. They could be selling you a total sham product for your skin that either does absolutely nothing or harms your skin. Want to know some of the things to look out for when buying skincare products? Our Vancouver spa has got you covered with the details below!

Synthetic Fragrances

This is a big no when it comes to putting product on your face. Your skincare routine is extremely important and needs to be taken seriously, so if you have any synthetic fragrances in your facial products throw them out! This will really dry out your skin and make it dull looking. And even though you may not see it on the surface level, it really affects your skin cells and can irritate them. Fragrance is very complex and made up of thousands of different ingredients.

Synthetic fragrance is not the best to put on your body either, we recommend using a shea butter or cocoa oil in the shower and patting yourself dry when you get out. We believe in anti-aging and that goes for the whole package! Fragrance is the only ingredient that doesn’t have to state what it truly is under the law even though it is made up of a bunch of formulas that the companies who create it only know of.

Surrey Spa

It’s not worth gambling your face over, especially since it affects your skin long-term. Because fragrance can cause some damage, we recommend getting a Vancouver HydraFacial at our Surrey Spa to see better results for your skin.

Too Much Water Content

There are TONS of companies that dilute their products with water. If you didn’t know, skincare companies list their ingredients from high concentration to low concentration. So the most potent and effective ingredients will be listed at the top and descend in potency accordingly. 

Ingredients that have a concentration of 1% however are placed in any order. The packaging can be gorgeous and the reviews amazing, but what is it really doing for the skin? What is at the top of that ingredients list? If you see fragrance or water at the top of that list, I would spend your money.

With water being one of the first ingredients that means it is extremely diluted. If you compared it with another product that is supposed to do the same thing but it is more potent, you will notice a huge difference in the smell and of course the effects. With our GLOW Bright signature facial, we use pure authentic serums, nothing is diluted! Get a Vancouver HydraFacial with us so that you can see the difference it will make in your skin.

Not Properly Cleansing

If you want your product to absorb properly, you can’t just wash your face with cold water and slap it on. We wish it was that easy. I’ll be transparent with you; a few years ago I had NO idea what I was doing with my skincare routine. I would wake up and wash my face with cold water and hand soap and I thought I was ready to take on the day and I was confused as to why my skin was so dry. That’s when I discovered what a HydraFacial was.

When I walked into the spa and sat down for my facial the esthetician said “So what is your skincare routine?” and when I told her I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Let me tell you, I walked out of there with 3 different moisturizers and an SPF. Now I properly cleanse and can confidently say I don’t wash my face with soap anymore.

We level up around here! Anyway, one of the things she told me was that in order for my skincare products to actually absorb properly I had to actually wash my face with at least lukewarm water.

Washing your face with hot water can be bad for your skin and freak it out, causing dryness and speed up the aging process. You should wash your face with lukewarm water, which will actually open up your pores and therefore will actually absorb the product properly.

Exfoliation is also extremely important as that removed dead skin cells and dirt, but don’t over exfoliate, I recommend exfoliating every 2 days. Your skincare routine is important and we understand that, come visit our Vancouver spa for a Surrey HydraFacial today and let us walk you through your skincare journey!