Learn More About Hydrafacials

Our Surrey Spa Is The Go To Place To Receive Top Notch Hydrafacial Services!  

If you have been struggling with dry and dull skin, stubborn scars and discolouration, and an overall bland skin texture and nothing has seemed to help it till now, then hydrafacial is just the right thing for you.

The reason hydrafacial is gaining so much popularity is because of the instant transformation it shows and above all, it works for all skin types!

This is something that every skin enthusiast aspires and hydrafacial has made it possible now.

Atleast one hydrafacial is being performed every 15 seconds in the world, rendering it the most popular skincare choice.

We all have been through the pain of rigorously following a complex skincare routine, waiting patiently for the results to show but one slight skin misfortune takes us back to zero.

Not now. Put the days of worry behind you. With the amazing hydrafacial at White Rock spa in South Surrey, you can now start enjoying radiant-looking skin almost instantly after a 30-60 minutes session.

Hydrafacial is a patented medical-grade resurfacing treatment that can only be performed at a licenced facility. At White Rock Spa, we are proud to provide this 4 step service by a certified aesthetician. It involves thorough cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating your skin with miracle serums to bring back the freshness and make your skin feel plumped and hydrated.

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The hydra peel tip, a pen-like device, makes sure that all dirt, impurities and sebum is extracted from your pores, allowing the serums to deeply infuse and work their magic. A mixture of Salicylic acid, glycolic acids and botanical extracts are employed to break down the dirt and oil from the skin and provide maximum hydration. These serums are also empowered with anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties to further even out your skin.

To target specific skin problems, we also use booster serums to amplify the results of hydrafacial while some of our more advanced hydrafacials also make use of oxygen and Led light therapy to stimulate collagen production.

Most facial services take their sweet time to show the results you expected. The skin might remain sensitive for a few days and you might experience irritation and redness. This is not the case with hydrafacial. There is no downtime. You can see the results as soon as your appointment ends. This is the reason most people opt for hydrafacial especially before their big days, red carpets and weddings. Who doesn’t want to have an extra glow on their face on an important night?

Don’t miss your chance at this transformative experience. At white rock spa, you can expect to experience the joy of rejuvenated and younger-looking skin with modern hydrafacial technology. We are happy to receive you, examine your skins, discuss our options and guide you with the best treatments available.

By the end of the session, you can expect to feel a tremendous change in the way your skin looks and feel. There will be a noticeable reduction of pores and blemishes, with softer, dewy skin and a clear complexion.