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Let’s talk about hydration! At GLOW Bright med spa in white rock, we are firm believers that what you put into your body reflects on the outside. What are some ways that you can implement hydration in your daily routine to boost your GLOW?

Drink Lots of Water

We have all heard this one, but this is one of the most lucrative steps to achieving a clear and radiant complexion! It is said to drink 8oz of water a day but sometimes that can be hard for people to handle. Don’t get too overwhelmed with trying to keep up on a daily water routine, instead, you can start off small. When you first wake up in the morning have a full glass of water and then get straight to your face care routine. It’s import to drink water as soon as you wake up as it releases toxins in the body as well as improves your digestive system.

Our south surrey spa is a firm believer in hydrating yourself the moment you wake up to give you that hydration boost. You just went a whole 6-8 hours of sleep without any hydration, your body needs it and it will immediately rehydrate the body. Throughout the day, try and remind yourself that you have a longterm skincare goal to regain moisture and glow and that drinking water is a part of this process. If you miss a few glasses, no biggie!


Moisturizing the skin with a proper moisturizer is essential for maintaining moisture. Our hydrafacial White Rock team believes in harnessing the full benefits from proper moisturizing routines. First off, after you cleanse your face, make sure you use luke warm water (don’t use hot water! As this ages the skin), to open the pores up. Hold the cloth over your face for about 3 minutes to make sure your pores are open.

We recommend praying on a timer to help for better absorption of the moisturizer. After you have done this, put the moisturizer on your face and pat it in gently. A lot of people like to rub it all over the face but we prefer tapping it into the skin because it is more gentle and not pulling on your face. Make sure to follow this skincare routine daily for maximum results!

If you are looking to get a hydrafacial in white rock, than you will benefit from one of our 3 signature GLOW Bright facials, contact us today to book your session or with any questions you may have.​