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Our Surrey Spa Is The Go To Place To Receive Top Notch Hydrafacial Services!  

At GLOW Bright Med Spa in white rock, we love treating our clients to the best that facial care has to offer. Our signature facials in south surrey deliver radiance along with that perfect glow, but it is essential to be on top of things when it comes to your skin. Think of your skin as silk, it’s gentle and delicate and requires a lot of care to keep it in the best shape possible! We can help you achieve perfect skin by giving you a routine to back this up with.

First off, when you come in for your GLOW Bright facial in white rock your skin will be fully hydrated and glowing after just one session!

HydraFacial Surrey | Glow Bright Med Spa

There are ways to make the results last longer and benefit your skin immensely longterm. Make sure after your treatments that you are following up with a proper facial care regimen. We talked here about the tips for post facial care and what to avoid. But what do you do to maintain? First off, always wear a sunscreen to protect you from UV rays, especially after you’ve had a White Rock Hydrafacial .

Using a proper moisturizer is extremely important too as it will help you lock in extra moisture. Make sure you apply your moisturizer to your neck as well, a lot of people forget this step but it is essential! Now, the most important thing to maintain is coming in for regular GLOW Bright facials. Why? Your skin is constantly producing sebum and dirt as well as oil that gets trapped into your pores.

The reason why your face glows so much after one of our facials in white rock is because we eliminate that and open the pores to receive antioxidants and hydration. It’s import to keep maintaining this procedure to continually stimulate collagen and skin cell turn over. We recommend you come in every 3-4 weeks to keep on top of things. Your face is one of the most important parts of you and keeping on top of a routine now will have your skin thanking you later. Our south surrey spa will guide you on the proper steps to take to ensure that you have proper facial maintenance.